Major regional cities of France
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→ Toulose apartments
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→ Angers apartments
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→ Strasbourg apartments
→ Grenoble apartments
→ Avignon apartments
→ Antibes apartments
→ Tours apartments
→ Besançon apartments
→ Orleans apartments
→ Lilles apartments
→ Rennes apartments
→ Mulhouse apartments
Major regional cities of Italy
→ Milano apartments
→ Roma apartments
→ Firenze apartments
→ Venezia apartments
→ Bologna apartments
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Major regional cities of Deutschland
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Major regional cities of Austria
→ Wien apartments
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Major regional cities of Belgium
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Major regional cities of Switzerland
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Major regional cities of Hungary
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Major regional cities of Luxembourg
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Major regional cities of Finland
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Major regional cities of Iceland
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Major regional cities of Sweden
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Major regional cities of Norway
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Major regional cities of Poland
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Major regional cities of Slovakia
→ Bratislava apartments
Major regional cities of Slovenia
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Major regional cities of Croatia
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Major regional cities of Malta
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Major regional cities of Greece
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Major regional cities of Spain
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Major regional cities of Czech
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→ ニースの賃貸事情

What is Euro Estate?

Euro Estate helps you find apartments and flatshares in major European cities (Paris, French regional cities, Milano, Berlin, Munchen, Wien, Roma, Barcelona, Lisbon) for both short and long term leases.

How do you find apartments in foreign countries?
Many people find them through local real estate agencies or magazines, but it is extremely difficult to find the right place in Europe even for local people. Finding apartments are more difficult for foreginers because less apartments accept short term rent or foreign nationals. Also temporary accomodation expenses or local agency fees can become expensive. It can take long time, and language barrier can make it uneasy. Furthermore, if you are musicians or pets are accompanied, your choice is very limited.

We focus on foreign customers who come to Europe. We can introduce you various types of apartments and flatshares for both long term and short term stays.

Please read Service page for our plans and fees, and Q&A page explains questions we frequently receive from clients. We advice you to read them before contacting us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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