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Please read following before contacting with Euro Estate.

About Services

About Fees

About Apartments

About contacting owners

About visits and contract

About posting apartment information

About Euro Estate


About Services

Tell me how to use the website.

Please search apartments/flatshares from top page or apartment page by specifying your conditions. If there are places you like, don't hesitate to send us contact form. If you can not find places, you can send just your search conditions to us and we will propose you for possibilities.

If you want to read apartment details later to consider, you can use "Select Apt" button to add to Selected Apartments list. Using the list will allow you to make inquiries up to 5 apartments at once.

How does Euro Estate work?

Please see How to Use in Service page.

Can I choose 1 apartment at a time for Visit plan?

You can choose just 1 place, and we can introduce the rest later.
Please choose the rest within 1 month after the payment.

What happens if I were not able to make contract with the 3 owners for Visit plan?

Almost all of the clients make contract in their 1st or 2nd apartments, and this rarely happens. Major reasons for not making contract are clients changed their plans, or they found a place on their own.


About Fees

How much is the referral fees?

Please see Service & Fee in Service page.

If I am not sure with the length of stay, what happens to the fee?

If your move out date is not determined, the fee will be considered as long term. We inform your move out date to the owners, so please inform us for the date as accurate as possible to avoid trouble.

Under Visit plan, if I only choose 1 place, what happens to the fee?

Visit plan refers you up to 3 places in order for you to find 1 place. Therefore, your fee will be the same regardless of the number of places you visit.

If I do not make contract, is the fee refunded?

No refunds are made under any cases. If the 1st visit did not work out, we will introduce 2 more places to you.

If I want to move in to 2 places after one another, what happens to the fee?

2 separate fees will be charged. W discount can be applied.

(ex) If you want a 1 month apartment before departure, and you want to move to a long term 1 year apartment after arrival :
Move-in Plan SS + Visit Plan M

If I want to move to another place, what happens to the fee?

Fees will be applied again. Repeater discount can be applied.

If I want to rent with my friend, what happens to the fee?

If you rent a room for each person in a flatshare, each person needs to pay our fee. For apartments that accept friends or a couple, you pay fee for 1 person.

When do I pay the fee?

You will not pay until your choice of apartment is determined. We ask you to pay the fees once it is determined and you are ready to proceed.

How do I pay the fee?

Payment by Moneybookers/Skrill (card payments) or a bank transfer is possible.


About Apartments

Before paying, can I ask questions to the owners?

You are welcome to ask questions. Questions can be asked through us.

What is a flatshare?

Flatshare is a way to share an apartment by several people. You do not share a room with others. Usually there are several rooms in the apartment, and each person has his/her own room. Shared places depends, but living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet are shared in most cases.

Are rent prices for flatshares for 1 room or 1 person?

The price is for 1 room. However, only 1 person can move in to a room.

Can 2 people move in to a room in a flatshare?

No, because usually a room is for 1 person.

Aparment with capacity of 2 people means flatshare?

It is not a flatshare. It means a couple can be accepted in an apartment.

Is floor number in European or American method?

Floor number is in European method. Therefore ground floor is 0.

What is Allocation/CAF/APL?

It stands for Caisse d'Allocation Familiales, and it is French government funding for housings. Possibility of application depends on each place. The amount depends on each applicant. Please contact CAF directly.

Are shower and toilet in the apartment?

With low price apartments, it is common to have a shared shower and toilet. Please see the apartment details and in the facility section you will find whether it is private or shared.

Is the apartment furnished?

Almost all of the apartments are furnished. Please see the apartment details and it is written in the equipment section.

Are there any rooms where I can play music?

Yes, we have many places where you can play music. Tell us your plans because it depends on your instrument and also how long and often you play. It is better to contact us soon as there are lots of musicians seeking.


About contacting owners

Can I contact owners in English?

Yes, almost all of the owners can communicate in English.

My language level is not too well.

For visits, you do not need a high level of language. Most of the owners speak English as well.


About visits and contract

Could you accompany me for the visit?

We do not accompany you for the visit.

Tell me how to make contract.

The contract is between the tenant and the owner.

Please read the contract carefully and completely before signing them.

I need a contract to apply for my visa.

Many of our clients have acquired their visas. Please tell us your needs.

How do I pay the owners for rent and deposit?

Method of payment depends on the owner, but it is usually by cash or bank transfer.

Will deposit be refunded?

Timing of refund depends on the apartment, but it will be refunded. When you move out, you need to have the apartment in the same condition as to those when you entered. Damages, malfunctions, loss or dirtiness can result in deduction as a recovery cost from your deposit. As it is not a hotel, you need to clean before move out. Some apartments require small cleaning fees.


About posting apartment information

I would like to find tenants for my place.

Please send contact form. Our representative will get back to you shortly.


About Euro Estate

Is Euro Estate a real estate agency?

We are consulting service to seek apartments efficiently, not a real estate agency. We provide owner's contact information of the apartment that matches your conditions. Execution of contracts and managing apartments etc. are not offered.

What made you start this service?

Many people start to find apartments before arrival, howevery due to limited information, it is not easy to find your place. Even after arrival, the apartment hunting turns out to be difficult than expected given the high competitive market, mismtach of rent duration and the language barrier. We believe finding aparments should be much more easier and joyful.

Euro Estate is here to eliminate the stress and find you a suitable apartment, so that you can start your new comfortable life in Europe.